CrabDiving – Fri 111017 – Alabama GOP Supports Molester Roy Moore & Pool Cow

The Alabama GOP supports molester Roy Moore and the Crabs covered every bit of the grossness on Faithless Friday! RWNJ Gary Cohn let us know CEOs are elated over the proposed tax cuts. Dickbags in the Roll Tide state used the Bible to defend former Judge Roy Moore’s assault of a child in the 70’s. Ham head Sean Hannity bashed the accusers of pervy Moore. Former President Bush the lesser admitted in a book that he used to chase “pussy” and drink whiskey back in the day. In more jerky Judge Moore news, his GOP colleagues in Alabama are not condemning his diddling ways. Treasonous Mike Flynn and his gross son have been investigated by Mueller for an attempted kidnapping of a Muslim Turkish cleric. We learned there are craploads of fake Trump sex tapes produced by spy circles in the Kremlin. Evil homophobe Kim Davis may be challenged by a gay constituent for whom Davis refused a marriage license. A cop got busted by his body cam for planting coke on a suspect. Italy started teaching kids how to suss out fake news. A Florida dude chilling on a rope swing over a river nearly got eaten by an alligator. A rattlesnake kept a real estate agent in Arizona trapped in an open house. A North Carolina moo cow fell into a swimming pool. Garbage person and god bot Bryan Fischer made his stupid case for banning Muslims from government.

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