CrabDiving – Mon 111317 – Another Roy Moore Accuser & Trump Jr. Wikileaks Love

Yet another Roy Moore accuser came forward and the gross details were covered on the CrabDiving podcast. GOP load Mitch McConnell sounded pained when he stated publicly that he believed the women that have come forward against the Republican senatorial candidate in Alabama. An accuser of the former disgraced Alabama judge has vowed to sue the abuser for defamation. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel brilliantly trolled conservatives and exposed their ignorance regarding Obamacare. Secret messages between Wikileaks and Donald Trump Jr. revealed a plan for Cheeto Teats to not resign if he had lost the 2016 election to Hillary. A transgender Minnesota lawmaker gracefully handled trans-phobic remarks from her GOP opponent. Conservative strategist Rick Wilson lamented the the “throat burning putrefaction rising off the corpse of the GOP’s moral stature.” Big oil lost big in the state of Washington. Pat and Ryan learned the nation’s capital will soon be home to a hotel for liberals. Loons of the not-so-grand ole party clamored for Session’s resignation if the racist gollum failed to investigate the nothing burger that is the Hillary Clinton uranium scandal.

another roy moore accuser

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