CrabDiving – Fri 112417 – Flynn Possibly Turned & Christians Bully Sunday Businesses

Flynn possibly turned on Cheeto Teats and the CrabDiving podcast covered every single treasonous angle on this Faithless Friday episode. A shooting was reported at a mall on Black Friday. In unbelievably crazy news, Black Friday profiteers are selling Walmart uniforms to over eager consumers. The Crabs learned all about the heinous conditions at a warehouse shipping facility, which is most likely an Amazon hub. Pat read through Trump’s most memorable, insane lines from Shitler’s speech on Thanksgiving. An evil, totalitarian New York school teacher has been suspended because he failed students for not standing during the Pledge. An ignorant flat-earther enthusiast prepped to launch himself towards the heavens in an effort to prove his ridic theory about our planet’s shape. Mean-spirited Christians on a remote Scottish island bullied a shop owner to close during the sabbath. According to science, Los Angeles could have a yuuuggge earthquake brewing. A newly elected trans lawmaker in Virginia explained how Don-the-Con might have made her win possible. An anti-gerrymandering group in Michigan defied the odds and will get a much need initiative on an upcoming ballot.

flynn russia scandal

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