CrabDiving – Mon 112717 – Trump Pocahontas Slur & Gun Nuts’ Fragile Masculinity

The audio of the insanely racist Trump Pocahontas slur was studied in depth on Monday’s CrabDiving. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was hammered by the press for defending Shitler’s racist remarks at the American Indian code talker event. Cheeto Teats doubled down on his tacit support of molester Roy Moore. Pizzagate douche and RWNJ load Mike Cernovich claim alleged traitor Michael Flynn was targeted by the “deep state” due to his investigations of pedophiles. Loon shock caster, InfoWars Czar Alex Jones blathered that the official Las Vegas shooting story was as “fake as Obama’s birth certificate”. Sadly, dickbag white dudes feel gun control is an attack on their masculinity. The flat-earther rocket pilot dude had to postpone his stupid voyage. Mentally ill U.K. racists bemoaned the fact that Prince Harry’s fiancee’s mother is black.
Trump Pocahontas comment

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