CrabDiving – Thu 050417 – GOP Passed Trumpcare & Alex Jones Lies To His Audience?

The House GOP passed Trumpcare, which nearly made the Crabs hurl on Thursday’s podcast. Late night talk show host Stephen Colbert issued a cock slap to haters, reminding them he ain’t apologizing about his genius Shitler dig involving Putin’s penis. Czar Cheeto Fingers puked forth another crap executive order aimed at turning Murica into Iran. The New York Attorney General launched thick truth ropes at Trump regarding the “religious freedom” Executive Order. Lickers of Twatler and MSNBC’s so called journalists Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski announced they’re tying the knot… vomit. Denmark blacklisted some religious loons from entering their country. Former Alex Jones employees reported their loony – and at times shirtless – old boss lied to his audience. The overly tanned oxy walrus, Rush Limbaugh, took a call from a listener who is downright disgusted Trump hasn’t built the stupid wall.
GOP Passed Trumpcare

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