CrabDiving – Thu 061517 – Trump Obstruction Investigation & Tweets By Twittler

The Trump obstruction investigation was thoroughly examined on today’s episode of CrabDiving. The Shitler struck back after it was leaked Mueller was investigating PEEOTUS for obstruction. Senator Graham suggested Trump is being brought down by his own pie hole. Putin poopooed possible new sanctions upon Russia by the U.S. Senate. Creepy V.P. Pence retained counsel regarding the Russian investigation. A blimp went down in flames at the U.S. Open. A minority lesbian saved the lives of anti-gay, homophobic lawmakers. A RWNJ hate-caster stupidly stated Trump saved the lives of the GOP ballers. The evil NRA had a heinous response to the shooting at the diamond. Gross Fox-bot Eric Bowling blamed Snoop, Kathy Griffin and Loretta Lynch for the virginia shooting. Conserv-a-loon Alex Jones insanely said CNN’s Wolf Blitzer could get rounds blasted into his “little pumpkin head.” Finally, a nutball racist nearly won the Virginia GOP gubernatorial primary.
Trump Obstruction Investigation

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