CrabDiving – Wed 061417 – GOP Baseball Diamond Shooting & Guns Still Kill People

The ironic tragedy of the GOP baseball diamond shooting was discussed and raged upon at length on this episode of the political podcast CrabDiving. The media and the Republicans dumbly fixated on the progressive political leanings of the mentally ill shooter in Virginia, rather than gun violence. Former U.S. Rep Gabby Giffords weighed in on today’s shooting. To the dismay of most of his neighbors, a racist whackjob posted bigoted signs in his front yard. A town in Wyoming took down the portraits of Shitler and Pence and replaced the sad, white faces with a Native American Chief. MSNBC’s Joy Reid tossed bolts of lightning and thunder via Twitter upon conserv-a-jerks who blamed today’s shooting on a Shakespeare play. Hate caster Coach Dave said “amen” to a call for Governor Jerry Brown to hang from a rope.

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