CrabDiving – Tue 061317 – Racist Elf Jeff Sessions & Russians Hacked 39 States During Election

Racist Elf Jeff Sessions put his gross, white bigoted hiney way before country as he weaseled his way out of answering any of the questions put before him by a Senatorial committee. Senator Wyden proclaimed to jack-hole-Jeff the American people are tired of GOP stonewalling. Possible future POTUS Kamala Harris scorched Sessions on Twitter for avoiding questions at the hearing. The Russians breached 39 states during the 2016 Presidential election. Republican Rick Wilson expertly blasted fellators of Shitler for being “fanboys”, and “MAGA mouthbreathers.” Loony legislator Louie Gohmert went bananas over Special Counselor Mueller, calling the ex-FBI Director “dirty”. The NBA champion Golden State Warriors refused the customary White House visit that comes with winning the basketball title. A first person shooter game where users get to shoot Nazis to death was poo-pooed by jello-brained racists.

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