CrabDiving – Tue 010218 – Orrin Hatch Retiring & Rage-Tweeting POTUS

The news of Orrin Hatch retiring brought smiles for the overdue exit of the old white dude. All signs say rich guy politician Mitt Romney will run for Hatch’s seat, despite the efforts of Shitler. The orange-a-hole-face compared the antics of “crooked Hillary’s” aide, Huma Abedin, to the illegal antics of former sailor Kristian Saucier. We learned moronic voters that hate all American spending are generally racists. Don the Con threatened to cut off aid to Pakistan in a Twitter tirade. Trump family golf courses continue being big losers financially. Loony RWNJ Michele Bachmann is waiting for her sky-god to tell her whether or not she should run for Al Franken’s seat in the Senate, puke. A dumbass witness in the Trump-Russia probe claimed Mueller’s grand jury isn’t “white enough.” Crackpot Alex Jones floated the crazy theory that the late Carrie Fisher was “star-murdered.” GOP load David Clarke made his minions apprehend a dude that looked at sideways on a plane.

orrin hatch retiring

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