CrabDiving – Fri 122917 – Trump Repeats No Collusion & Faithless Friday Fun

Over and over, Trump repeats no collusion to the New York Times and the Crabs called BS! Yet another White House shakeup is predicted for 2018. Czar Cheeto Teats claimed in the Times interview he could do whatever he wanted with the Justice Department. Twitler twatted forth a muddled message, taking shots at the USPS and Amazon. Our Embarrassment-In-Chief dumbly questioned the validity of global warming based on a recent cold-snap in Murica. Don-the-Con’s ignorance on trade was revealed in a meeting with Merkel and Trump’s staff felt much shame.An atheist group asked the Alabama Governor to stop preaching about sky-god on social media. In other non-believer news, an atheist blogger in Bangladesh faced up to 14 years in prison for hurting those with “religious feelings.” A Mayor in Alabama angrily removed the Christian flag but found another not-so-legal place to fly it. Finally, the crap-tastic, orange-man-baby opted to terminate the HIV/AIDS council because he is a heartless jerk-off.

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