KVoice, A Voice of Resistance – Fri 122917

This is your Resistance podcast!  If you live in a red state we make you jealous by demonstrating what is possible when voters elect a blue majority.  We list some of the laws that that will go into effect in the new year in California.  We have good news for the LGBTQ community and laugh at sad christofascist cake makers.  We talk about the Trump Administration’s (asshole) reversal of regulations spelling bad news for birds, the environment, the elderly and the sick.   E pluribus Unum is replaced should we say by “Make America Gaudy Again.”  We discuss Donald’s taste in, or lack of taste in presidential coins.  We discuss the UN’s report on poverty in the “Greatest Country in the World”, the USA, and the report is not good. Happy New Year, Resistance!  Let’s do it again in 2018! #RESIST

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