CrabDiving – Tue 080117 – Don Dictated Don Jr.’s Denial & Killer Conspiracy Theory

Don dictated Don Jr.’s denial, apparently penning Uday’s crap fabrication regarding his infamous meeting with Russians. TrumpCare flip-flopper, Senator Heller of Nevada experienced an extreme dip in popularity. We learned there was collusion betwixt a dirty FOX Reporter and the Trumpalo that created the fictional fake news murder story. Because of evil lib-judgement of The Donald, Trump-haters shall be damned by the lord, and Jim Bakker will sell them food! Joe Arpaio will be fitted hopefully with a pink prison jumpsuit. Cheeto Teats hated on The White House whilst golfing. The Crabs also mourned the abrupt firing of The Mooch! Sad!

More of this liberal politics podcast in the archives!

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