CrabDiving – Wed 080217 – Loathsome Stephen Miller & Trump “Dump”

The loathsome Stephen Miller attempted to sell America on a reimagined racist idea of the Statue of Liberty on today’s’ political podcast. Montreal was forced to use a giant sports arena to shelter Haitian refugees that would otherwise be in the USA conservative poll showed a very low level of love for Shitler and little support for a border wall. RWNJ Christo-dweeb Rick Wiles introduced a crackpot theory involving secret goon squads and injuries of recent presidents. HBO’s John Oliver lambasted Alex Jones for selling garbage products and supplements on InfoWars. Cheeto Teats and his oily Secretary of State unsurprisingly expressed zero joy over the Russian sanctions bill. The Crabs read loony passages from a recent Trump interview from WSJ. The orange-a-hole-face moronically mused over Rick Perry possibly taking over Homeland Security, allegedly. A disgruntled bride pulled a gun on her groom, cuz America!  Also, Trump called The White House a “dump” and announced fictional anti-white bias in colleges and universities would be looked into.
loathsome stephen miller

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