CrabDiving – Thu 080317 – Mueller Grand Jury & Unbelievable Trump Transcripts

News of the Mueller grand jury broke on this episode of CrabDiving. A marijuana grower bought up a California town in an effort to build a pot-friendly oasis. In news that isn’t shocking, we learned Shitler’s immigration policy totally sucks balls. The Crabs read through an insane transcript of a phone call betwixt Cheeto Teats and the King Of Australia. A lunatic Trumpalo in beautiful West Virginia called for the assassination of liberal protestors and wasn’t charged. Crazy Creationist Ken Ham called for Christians to reclaim the rainbow from gay people. The GOP tried to take measures to protect Mueller from being fired by the orange-a-hole-face. A study revealed most Trump supporters to be racist jerk-offs. A Gallup Poll enlightened Pat and Ryan as to the number of social conservatives in Murica to that of social liberals.
mueller grand jury

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