K Voice, A Voice of Resistance – Fri 080417

Well, this week on K Voice, A Voice Of Resistance, the Senate voted on confirmations galore (or should I say horror). We discuss those we now are unfortunate enough to suffer. The Republicans gave the middle class and unions a solid punch to the gut by adding the first of Donald’s nominees, Marvin Kaplan, to the board of the the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and the oil and coal lobbyist Dan Brouillette to be Deputy Secretary of Energy. Unions are vital to a healthy democracy. Listen to find out why. The Department of Homeland Security is putting 93 endangered species at risk and using its absurdly broad overreaching powers not to protect the homeland but to siphon taxpayer money into a wall neither Republicans nor Democrats want and build it whether we like it or not. The DHS needs to go, and we discuss why. We discuss The COVFEFE Act, COVFEFE! While the media was obsessed Scaramucci “The Mooch” Moocherson, America missed Bill Browder’s explosive and important hearing before the Senate Judiciary, but don’t worry, we talk about it here. Now that we are run by the KKK’s rejects the Republicans are fulfilling a long held dream and smacking minorities down another peg by assuring they will never be given the same opportunities they and their white rich children were given. The now sarcastically named Justice Department under Keebler Elf Truant Officer, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, is setting its sights on affirmative action. We wanted to know if schools were still using Affirmative Action and were surprised by what we found. Finally, as the world heads to an uncertain future, what role will the Resistance play in the larger picture. Keep fighting friends. #resist
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