CrabDiving – Fri 080417 – Sessions Goes After The Press & Shkreli Guilty

Gross Gollum AG Sessions goes after the press and it’s beginning to get all authoritarian up in here. Faux News journalist Jeanine Pirro warned of an uprising should any Trump family members get indicted. A Russian bigwig mused that Shitler is incompetent and shall be liquidated by the U.S. “establishment”. A simpleton donor from Virginia threatened to sue idiot, racist GOP legislators for failing to repeal Obamacare. Evil pharma dink Martin Shkreli was found guilty of a bunch of securities fraud charges. Sean Hannity threatened to put liberal Hollywood to rest with a loony Jesus movie saddled with the very slight talents of Kevin Sorbo. The Crabs learned that many got knocked up the night the Cubs won their first ring. RWNJ Christo-loon Rick Wiles has levied a prayer war in an effort to rid H.R. McMaster from the White House. The GOP Senate took steps so Cheeto Teats would be unable to make recess appointments. Pat and Ryan found out why Trump is referred to as the “two minute man.” Finally, in a “things that make you go hmm” moment, the podcasters learned the board game Monopoly was actually designed to demonize capitalism.

sessions goes after the press


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