CrabDiving – Mon 080717 – Trump Rage Tweets & Eric Bolling Dick Pics

The Trump rage tweets were reviewed on this episode of the CrabDiving Political Podcast. Shitler reminded Murica via Twitter that he won’t be “bullied” by a Dem lawmaker. Dickhead Silicon Valley oligarch Peter Thiel has fallen out of love with The Donald, if only behind the scenes. A loony one-percent-er threw a tantrum about a possible hike in taxes. It was discovered Russian bots are trying to bring about the ouster of the current NSA. An upcoming solar eclipse caused angst among localities that will have to deal with large sky-gazing crowds. A New York City playground was overrun with rats. Faux News dink Eric Bolling is suspended for sending coworkers shots of his wang. In creepy news, some RWNJ militia groups aligned themselves with GOP officials in attempt to protect Cheeto Teats.
Trump tantrum - CrabDiving

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