CrabDiving – Tue 101017 – Rapey Rich Guys & Breitbart White Nationalism

Mike Ditka proved to be big dumbass when he proclaimed no one has been oppressed for 100 years. The NFL’s Roger Goodell penned a letter to teams saying all players should stand for the anthem. Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow came forward with stories of assault and harassment regarding Harvey Weinstein. Speaking of the rapey mogul, the creepy producer was once almost arrested for an alleged assault against a woman. Trump ex Ivana reminded the planet she would never say anything negative about family. Creep Carter Page won’t testify before congress and will plead the Fifth. Shitler’s approval rating has plummeted in every state. RWNJ kook Alex Jones of course blames the victims in the Weinstein sexual assault scandal. Finally, in news that isn’t at all shocking, Breitbart worked with white supremacists and Nazis as ghost writers and advisors.
rapey rich guys Weinstein Trump

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