CrabDiving – Wed 101117 – Trump Is A Nukes Size Queen & Boycott Mississippi

Trump is a nukes size queen, apparently, as we learned he initially wanted ten times more of the big bombs. Many cried boycott Mississippi and rightly so, considering the anti-gay legislation being presented by their evil, homophobic Governor. Shitler twatted forth NBC should have their “license” revoked due to the nukes story that PEEOTUS deemed “fake news.” Actor Rose McGowan called out Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for their efforts to cover up sexual assaults committed by Harvey Weinstein. Load Limbaugh left the Crabs stymied when the infamous oxy-walrus spoke out against comments by Cheeto Teats regarding the take-a-knee anthem protest. The legislative body attempting to take healthcare away from Americans has their own freaking pharmacy. Former NFL Coach Mike Ditka offered a limp, toothless apology regarding ignorant, racist comments about the take-a-knee movement. A Canadian bull rider who suffered from CTE committed suicide, but not before offering his damaged brain for research. The United States soccer team failed to get into The World Cup. GOP types suffered immense butthurt over the Boy Scouts of America allowing girls to join their ranks. The willfully ignorant Tea Party Governor of Kentucky warned marijuana legalization would lead to a rash of weed overdoses.

trump nuke size queen

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