CrabDiving – Tue 112817 – Chuck and Nancy Ditch Trump & Creepy Government Bible Study

Chuck and Nancy ditch Trump, declining a presidential invite to lunch due to a Shitler Twitter attack. Cheeto Teats ominously assured Murica he would handle the latest North Korean missile launch. With the help of PEEOTUS, Libyan media discredited a CNN report regarding slavery in their country. RWNJ troll Laura Ingraham aired a war cry sound effect while playing Elizabeth Warren’s response to a racial slur used by our embarrassment in chief. The family that brought us the Oxycontin crisis has put money behind false claims about fake voters in the 2016 election. GOP fossil Pat Buchanan put his ancient, gross support behind molester Roy Moore. The Crabs learned most of Trump’s swampy cabinet participates in bizarre Bible study sessions. Barbie in a hijab is “dangerous” according to nut rag WND. A shark bite and a snake in a toilet comprised the latest “When Animals Get Pissed” segment. And more laughs!

chuck and nancy

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