CrabDiving – Wed 112917 – Trump Anti-Muslim Tweets & Et Tu, Garrison Keillor?

The Trump anti-Muslim tweets were off the chain today, even for Shitler. Evil, racist dick-bag, white supremacist David Duke praised PEEOTUS for insanely retweeting a British far-right hate group. Recently fired Today Show host Matt Lauer was exposed for exposing himself to female employees and gifting a sex toy, accompanied by a lewd note, to a colleague.  Heartless skesis Jesus-crook Pat Robertson ridiculously worried over the future of men accused of sexual harassment. A conserva-twunt on Faux News suggested Obama’s “deep state” operation is killing people. Mueller ominously postponed a Flynn associate’s grand jury testimony regarding Russian shenanigans. A dick lord Fox anchor reminded America of the nonexistent “war on Christmas.” The Crabs reviewed the David Lynch-like Sparkle Season decor at the White House. A Serbian war criminal guzzled poison after learning of his failed appeals. The Drudge Report and Breitbart seem to be engaged in a moob slap-fight. Prince Harry’s fiancee will be pressured by the neutral Crown to temper her anti-Trump rhetoric. Finally, in a moment of “WTF,” Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion has been accused of pervy antics.

trump voter fraud tantrum

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