CrabDiving – Thu 113017 – Trump Mental State Decline & Alt-Right Smears Liberal Podcaster

The Trump mental state decline continued in remarkable fashion on Thursday and the Crabs covered every facet of Shitler’s racist lunacy. Manbaby’s latest Twitter tirade posed a threat to American embassies across the globe. The UK reeled as Cheeto Teats attacked the British PM over her rebuke of his crazy tweets. In other UK news, the orange a-hole face’s working trip to the England has been canceled. A racist Minnesota cop and city councilman cruelly suggested Philando Castile’s girlfriend will spend her settlement on crack. Someone is making robocalls threatening action against those who make negatives posts about Trump on social media. MSNBC contributor and progressive podcaster Sam Seder was attacked online by the alt-right regarding a misrepresented tweet.


Trump Mental State Decline

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