CrabDiving – Wed 013118 – Trump’s Fascist SOTU & Alex Jones’ Dangerous Train Conspiracy

Trump’s fascist SOTU was trashed for the hot garbage it was on this episode of the CrabDiving Podcast. Shitler asked Congress to end the rule of law. With his usual racist non-charm, Cheeto Teats reminded the planet “Americans are Dreamers too.” The ugliest of Trump’s spawn, Eric, puked forth that Dems should have clapped harder for our embarrassment-in-chief. The FBI warned against releasing the fictional Nunes memo. The Crabs learned some details about a meeting Man-baby had with Rod Rosenstein. Agent Strozk composed the first drat of the Comey letter reopening the Clinton email investigation. Chuck Hagel said a Trump strike on North Korea would result in millions dead. An Trump appointee at the CDC had to resign due to an insane conflict of interest. Crackpot conspiracy theorist Alex Jones suggested a train accident involving members of the GOP and their families was a planned attack. An appeals court saved the US. Consumer Bureau. American diplomats were chased and bombed with tomatoes in Bethlehem. An evil trophy hunter was shot dead from the bullet of a fellow hunter.

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