CrabDiving – Thu 020118 – Devin Nunes Memo Release Looms & Hope Hicks’ Obstruction

The Crabs discussed the impending treasonous dick-bag Devin Nunes memo release. The lawyers of Rick Gates quit, signalling Mueller may have flipped the Manafort toady. The lone voice of reason on FOX News, Shep Smith, warned of a constitutional crisis. Shitler spin master Hope Hicks could be guilty of obstruction of justice. Sadly, on the first day of Black History Month, the Crabs learned slavery is not be covered properly in our schools. Cheeto Teats flubbed a name during the State of the Union and covered for it in his usual ungraceful, vane manner. A soccer coach in Idaho was harassed by horrendous racists because there are minority children on his team. A federal judge struck down a lifetime voting ban imposed upon felons in the state of Florida. RWNJ loon Alex Jones suggested the “deep state’ would detonate bombs in federal buildings in an attempt to create a “false flag.” And much more!

Devin Nunes Memo Release


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