CrabDiving – Wed 091317 – Make America White Again

The Crabs were totally grossed out by the loons that want to make America white again on this episode of the podcast. Trump-sucker Sarah Phuck-a-bee suggested ESPN’s Jemel Hill should be fired for tweeting racist PEEOTUS is indeed racist. A moronic dick-bag racist college student in the not-so-great state of Kentucky heartlessly called for the deportation of a fellow student on Facebook. Congress was forced to call on Shitler to officially denounce hate groups. A depressing study showed Trump supporters are turned off by housing assistance when the program is associated with an African American. GOP shill Laura Ingraham barfed forth drivel suggesting multilingual schools are costing white Muricans opportunities. Pat and Ryan learned the real reason why Susan Rice unmasked Trump officials and it smelled of Russian ejaculate.

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