CrabDiving – Tue 091217 – Is Trump Drugged? & Everybody Hates Omarosa

Trump shat forth a crappy tax plan. Reptilian GOP load Senator Ted Cruz claimed an aide inadvertently liked an incest porn post on Twitter. Republican dandy Roger Stone suggested it was indeed possible PEEOTUS has been drugged. A senate committee erupted in applause over approval of NIH funding, which Shitler had poo-poo’d. Former reality television star Omarosa is the most hated in the White House. Christo-dink Jim Bakker ignorantly blabbed the recent hurricanes are a sign that sky-god’s wrath is upon us. Journalist Katy Tur recounted an unwanted smooch from Cheeto Teats. RWNJ skeksis Ann Coulter said college students should not be allowed to vote. Senator Warner pushed for the Czar of The Book of Face to testify regarding Russian meddling. An idiot host on NRA TV complained about the use of the term “weapon,” when referring to guns. Racist Sheriff Joe from Arizona admitted he would never apologize for racially profiling Hispanics, what a dick.

trump drugged?

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