CrabDiving – Wed 121617 – Trump Unpopular Jerusalem Decision & Franken To Resign?

The Crabs opened the podcast with an insane “When Animals Get Pissed” segment involving the assassination of a 17 foot python in Florida. Progressive females in the Senate called for Al Franken’s resignation due to a slew of sexual assault allegations. Shitler called his VP a yokel, citing his love of animals and lack of wealth. Defying odds, a shark attacked some humans in Costa Rica. To the chagrin of most of the world, our lunatic-in-chief announced the U.S. embassy in Israel would be moved to Jerusalem. Blotch-Nazi Bannon blathered some stupid crap about GOP load Mitt Romney regarding his lack of military service in Vietnam. A progressive African American woman was elected in Atlanta by such a small margin a recount was triggered. In typical Trump fascism, the White House considered assembling a private army of evil spies. The good folks at Patagonia announced plans to sue the Trump cabal in an effort to protect mountains in Utah. A student at Arizona University engaged in sexual misconduct with a classmate and wasn’t expelled due to his great good grades. The brave women that came forward with allegations of assault against PEEOTUS were named Time Magazine’s persons of the year. According to a RWNJ broadcaster, Flynn couldn’t help but lie to the FBI due to his super-duper spy training.

trump unpopular jerusalem decision

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