CrabDiving – Tue 120517 – SCOTUS Gay Wedding Cake Case & Pence the Snitch

The SCOTUS gay wedding cake decision was discussed on this episode. Despite the objections of nearly all on the globe, Shitler is moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. The lawyer of Twitler denied Mueller had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for Trump accounts. Barack Obama and pop-star Ariana Grande had more popular tweets in 2017 than our so-called-president. A 69 year-old dude was busted planning a mass shooting. RWNJ crackpot broadcaster Alex Jones compared Morning Joe hosts to demonic monsters and AIDS. In that infamous meeting during the election with that Russian lawyer,  Don Jr. inquired about dirt on the Clinton Foundation. Sadly, polls showed the Alabama senate between Dem. Doug Jones and GOP candidate molester Roy Moore, is neck and neck. Mike Pence ratted out his frat bros back in the day. Speaking of our creepy Vice President, we learned the Second Lady finds Donald Trump disgustingly repulsive. Finally, in a Faithless Friday moment on a Tuesday, Christo-loons lost their tiny marbles over a Joseph-and-Joseph manger scene.

gay wedding cakePence Eats Alone

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