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CrabDiving – Fri 122217 – Alabama Finds No Voter Fraud & Former Prosecutors Warn Trump

roy moore gun waving

Alabama finds no voter fraud in the special election and no one is really shocked. The ignorant, elitist loons of Fox & Friends floated cutting off American foreign aid to pay for Shitler’s stupid border wall. Homophobe-owned restaurant chain Chick-fil-A…


CrabDiving – Wed 112217 – U.S. Grope Culture & Alex Jones Says Liberals Drink Pepsi

U.S. Grope Culture

U.S. grope culture was dissected on today’s episode of CrabDiving. Back in the day, cops were assigned to keep molester Roy Moore away from cheerleaders. GOP legislator Joe Barton apologized for dick pics that recently surfaced. Evil abuser Harvey Weinstein…


CrabDiving – Fri 111717 – Conservative Hypocrisy & Hate-Filled Christian Zealots

conservative hypocrisy

Evil Trump mouthpiece Sarah Huckabee Sanders quite offensively and inaccurately compared Senator Al Franken’s sexual assault allegations to that of Shitler’s. A Navy pilot admitted involvement in an obscene sky-penis-drawing spotted in Washington state. A vile Indiana GOP Councilman was…