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CrabDiving – Fri 091517 – Trump London Tube Bombing Response & Diaper Load Steve King

The Trump London tube bombing response was swift and typically bizarre. The good progressives of California proclaimed they want to require all future presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns. The Crabs learned evil Shitler henchman met with the King…


CrabDiving – Wed 083017 – Empathy-Free Trump & Christo Twunts Hurricane Theories

trump lacks empathy

The empathy-free Trump showed up bigly to ineffectively comfort victims of Hurricane Harvey. Unlike the mega-church of evil Christo-twink Joel Osteen, mosques all over Texas opened their doors to storm victims. Shitler twatted forth insensitive and ill-timed tweets while attempting…


CrabDiving – Fri 072117 – Sean Spicer Resigns & Scaramucci All But Blows His New Boss

sean spicer resigns

Sean Spicer resigns and the Crabs cover the whole shebang on Faithless Friday. Johnny-come-lately Trump sycophant Anthony Scaramucci was tapped as Spicey’s replacement. The legal eagles that serve Shitler explored ways in which Czar Cheeto Teats could pardon himself. Progressive…