Fake Journalist Bill O’Reilly Hammers President Obama on Fake Scandals

Fake journalist, fake scandals.

FOX “News” king oaf Bill O’Reilly interviewed President Obama before the Super Bowl and managed to nail the Commander In Chief on… absolutely nothing.

Blowhard Bill safely hit all the right-wing wacko talking points that his mouthbreathing viewers will eat up, but which lack real substance.

O’Reilly repeatedly kicked the dead horses of the IRS non-scandal, ACA website problems, and of course, loudly trumpeted the current mating call of the conservatidiot, “BENGHAZI!”

President Obama rightly laughed at the sputtering FOX bully/coward when O’Reilly started an accusation with “some people are saying.” Great journalistic standards there, Billy boy.

OReilly Interviews Obama - CrabDiving

At least the President was able to get a few shots at O’Reilly and his GOP propaganda network.

I’m sure the FOX droolers ate it up, thinking their boy hammered Obama and that the President is evil and simply won’t admit to the rampant crimes he’s committed.

This interview was a waste of the President’s time and a waste of bandwidth.

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