Justin Bieber Is a “Big Dummy”

Justin Bieber is not cool. As the great Red Foxx would say in Sanford and Sons, Bieber is a “big dummy”. If you have children that are fans of this horrible hoser, you gotta talk to them. Explain to your 12 year old girl-spawn that this kid is not talented or interesting. Tell your offspring that the only reason they find the musical abortion, AKA ¬†“The Biebs”,¬†entertaining is because their brains aren’t mature. #TrueTalk

TMZ has video of Bieber being deposed about a lawsuit involving one of his bodyguards pulling a gun, beating someone, stealing a memory card out of a photographer’s camera, blah blah blah…Supposedly the Bieber mercenary was acting under orders from his dullard boss, who I guess thinks he’s Frank Sinatra.

Click on the pic below to watch jerky Justin’s deposition. His behavior isn’t surprising but it is entertaining.

TMz bieber


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