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CrabDiving – Thu 012915 – Bieber Says Sorry Stupidly, Fox “News” Fails, Huckabee Is Horrendous

Texas anti Islam protest assholes

On this episode, the Crabs are reminded that RNWJ loony Bryan Fischer believes gays started the Nazi Party. Plus we learn the following: Justin Bieber, in his stupid vocal fry, baby voice, apologizes for existing; a dead person in North Carolina will tell…


CrabDiving – Fri 012315 – Mickey Got Measles, White Genocide Ain’t Real, S.P.U.K. No Spew

spuk german toilet anti-standing-while-peeing device

The Crabs pinch off the following stories: anti-vaccination numbskulls are bringing measles to Mickey; white supremacists are flinging freezer bags full of rocks, tootsie rolls, and hate newsletters at homes in an attempt to recruit fellow bigots; according to a…