The CannaLinguists – E064 – Marijuana Dispensary Sitcom & Pence Crappy For Weed

On this episode of The Cannalinguists podcast on the CrabDiving Network, Los Angeles comedians and herbal experts Alex Mandelberg and April O’Connor explore the most recent and relevant headlines in weed and medical marijuana. Oscar winning actress Kathy Bates and Netflix are producing 20 episodes of a¬†marijuana dispensary sitcom. California is going to turn dormant prisons into commercial cannabis farms. Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential pick, is a total and complete nightmare for marijuana users.

A brand new episode of this marijuana podcast drops weekly on this commie pinko hippy network. Check back in for new episodes!kathy bates Marijuana Dispensary Sitcom - pic from The Morning After

weed cop

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