The Daily Upper Decker – Wed 022217 – Kyrie Irving’s Flat Earth Theory & Where Is Tom Brady’s Superbowl Jersey?

Brady Matthews and Adam Feuerberg finally don’t have comedy shows that conflict with doing the show, so they’re in studio to talk with host Tommy Gimler about Magic Johnson going further in the NBA than any man with HIV has ever gone, the shitshow that was DeMarcus Cousins getting traded for three pounds of turds, Kyrie Irving’s “Flat Earth Theory,” Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey and of course, Jose Canseco’s fear of robots. It’s also an all-NFL version of “The Pile” and a “Fact or Fudge” game that’ll knock your dick in the dirt. Tits show, guys. Tits show. A new Decker drops weekly on the CrabDiving Network!

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