The Hollywood Hick – Fri 012817 – Punkin Head Fart Puss Inaugurated

Listen to this gem from The Hollywood Hick, y’all mothertruckers!  Fri 01/28/17

Punkin Head Fart Puss is lying about how big his inauguration was.

Dumbass Republicans hate Obamacare but love the ACA.

Mischa Barton done got hospitalized for mental health evaluation after screaming in her backyard that her mama is a witch and the end of the world.

A dumbass rapper got arrestorated for parking in a handicapped spot, and then they found a gun and weed in his car.

Another rapper, Chief Keef, beat the hell outta and robbed a former producer.

And another story to make us all feel better about ourselves because we’re not this dumbass!

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Trump Obamacare Fail

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