CrabDiving – Fri 041417 – Trump North Korea & Alex Jones Clips of Insanity

The unfortunate Trump North Korea face-off was discussed on CrabDiving’s latest Faithless Friday episode. Shitler and his minions declared they wanted no one nosing around in the White House visitor logs. Folks in the Philippines celebrated good Friday and in a self-stabby manner. RWNJ load-caster Alex Jones busted out some distasteful comments about Sasha and Malia Obama. Christo-legislator-loons in Kentucky want to scrawl “In the year of our Lord” across all government docs. China warned the world of war and North Korea chimed in oh so ominously. Conserva-twunt Rick Wiles mouthbreathed some stupid crap, but shockingly uttered something very accurate about the Trump administration. In the true spirit of Friday’s celebration of believing in zero, the Crabs played clips of Ninny Pastor Kevin Swanson freakishly homopocalyptic take on the live action Beauty and the Beast.

More of this political atheism podcast in the archives!

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