The Hollywood Hick – Fri 122316 – RIP Zsa Zsa

Yo MotherTruckers… FYI, my bitch ass cannot calm down on account nobody nowhere will calm the fuck down.
And there is this bitch ass YouTube prank video ass MotherTrucker who went and claimed racism on a plane and a Hick is straight up callin BULLSHIT!!!
Also, for the love of Dolly, I wish some of these holier than thou bitch ass celebrities would just shut the hell up. Get your mothertruckin facts straight before you go spoutin yo damn mouth off!
Speakin of planes, some crazy ass homo done went and lost his mind on a plane yelling at Punkin Head’s daughter… Shocker… his ass was booted. When dumb ass fools gonna realize flight attendants will kick yo ass off faster than goose shit slides through a tin horn.
Another so called starlet done went and accidentally on purpose leaked some titty pics.
RIP Zsa Zsa girl. We revisit her famous slappin a cop across the face incident… mad props girl… you’ll be missed.
Fuck Lena Dunham and her bitch ass alter ego untoward nonsense.
And FYI all y’all MotherTruckers, I gots a PSA thanks to our Russian friends.

rip zsa zsa

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