The Hollywood Hick – Thu 121517 – Cindy Brady Hates Homos & Chachi Accosted

Yo MotherTruckers… in case you ain’t convinced yet (and if you ain’t then never tell me cause we will be broke the fuck up forever)… Dolly Parton really is the greatest human ever.
Got an update on the exact opposite of Dolly, the grossest person ever to live with his druggin and raping ways, Mr. Bill Cosby is looking for a plea deal.
Who knew, MotherTruckers? Cindy Brady is a straight up homo hater.
Chachi almost got his ass kicked by a girl
Guess who went and got a case of the sads cause someone shot up a pizza joint under false pretenses, MotherTruckers? If you listen to his family he’s a super great guy too, BTW.
And further proof Ellen is straight up evil, fo shiz, Mothertruckers.

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