The Hollywood Hick – Wed 030817 – President Fart Puss Is Nuts & STFU Casey Anthony

Check out this episode of The Hollywood Hick, y’all mothertruckers!  President Punkinhead Fart Puss With A Dead Mangy Fox On His Head done falsely accused President Obama of wiretapping his ass. People are just straight-up, stone cold stupid. “You’re in Trump country, now!” yelled an ugly redneck as he bashed a gay couple in fricking Key West, Florida. The Hick has erased Uber off of his phone because its CEO is a bitch ass bitch. Actor Danny Masterson is reportedly being investigated for rape against fellow Scientologists, who claim the “church” suppressed their charges.  Some boy bander took down an obnoxious paparazzi.  Casey Anthony is still talking to the press for some damn reason.  Chris Brown got slapped with a restraining order.  And lots more hilarity!

Trump Abortion Backlash

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