CrabDiving – Fri 051217 – Trump Threatens Comey & GOP Curious Regarding Russian Collusion

Trump threatens Comey in regards to the FBI Director’s “honest loyalty.” Shitler also suggested he may end press briefings, cuz fascism. Clapper called BS on Czar Cheeto Fingers. The GOP revealed they were “troubled” as well as “curious” about Twatler’s possible collusion with Uncle Nipples. The Crabs disagreed with The Donald’s assessment of late night television luminary Stephen Colbert’s talent. The FCC website was invaded by bots which puked forth fake net neutrality comments. After Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was mercilessly booed, GOP Senator John Cornyn canceled an upcoming commencement speech at a primarily black college. And about the net neutrality story, some creepy organization out of The Handmaid’s Tale took responsibility. Crooked Jesus-loon Jim Bakker told his audience mocking Trump was in the spirit of the antichrist.

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