CrabDiving – Fri 112015 – Conservative Cowards & Phuc Dat Bich

Catch Friday’s Crabs!  Conservative cowards get a thorough smack-down as the dudes welcome comic Chris Oliver (@ChrisWoodOliver) into their Koreatown studios.  The house Democrats vote against the Syrian refugees, prolly for political reasons, which is gross.  If you want a home to wait out the apocalypse in, you gotta check out a listing in Georgia.  Mike Huckabee believes Obama will turn us also into Muslims.  Jeb Bush bashes Trump because the blow-hard suggested putting all brown people on a list.  The Satanic Temple is more Christian than Christians.  Steve King has crap things to say about the Syrian refugees.  Phuc Dat Bich just wants Facebook to cut him a break.  Right wingers suddenly discover a love for all things Woodrow Wilson.conservative cowards vote against syrian refugeesno to fear - crabdiving

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Conservative Cowards & Phuc Dat Bich

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