CrabDiving – Fri 031717 – Trump Supporter Ignorance & Merkel Mad Mugs Cheeto Fingers

Trump supporter ignorance was off the chain on this St. Patty’s day episode of the political podcast. It was learned the fired U.S. attorney, Preet Bharara was investigating Secretary Tom Price. Merkel had a hard time keeping a straight face while Shitler accused folks in the German media as being “fake news.” The Irish Prime Minister appeared with Shitler and gave a rousing tribute to immigrants whilst Czar Cheeto’s face turned from orange to red. The U.K. government took offense over an allegation by Trump about the involvement of the GCHQ in a wiretapping incident that never happened in the first place. Conserv-a-twunt radio host Rick Joyner suggested when Trump is attacked, Jeebus comes to the rescue of PEEOTUS. Creepy RWNJ loon Coach Dave Daubenmire gave a cooly received speech in Wisconsin about The Donald and stupid religious garbage. A few ignorant ninnies bemoaned the existence of a gay moment in a live action movie adaptation of Beauty And The Beast. Included in ninny group is Crackpot and Skygod-sucker Gordon Klingenschmitt, who is convinced the musical is actually a recruitment tool of the secret LGBT army. The Anglican Church was gobsmacked with diddling accusations. In the wondrous Republic of Texas, a Satanic Temple billboard was vandalized and perhaps the local cops were complicit.

trump supporter ignorance

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