CrabDiving – Fri 061617 – No Justice For Philando Castile & Mueller Trump Hunt

There’s no justice for Philando Castile as the murderous cop that shot him to death is let off the hook by our crap, racist, criminal “justice” system. Amazon bought Whole Foods and wreaked havoc upon retail food stocks. Construction corners were cut during the construction of the Grenfell Tower which resulted in the deadly UK fire. Old Man Cheeto Teats apparently randomly declares he is not under investigation. Investigator Robert Mueller hired a crap load of financial lawyers to get Shitler. Heroic Florida lifeguards rescued a herd of distressed swimmers from being sucked into the drink. Homophobe extraordinaire Bryan Fischer lied about liberals celebrating the shooting of GOP NRA-sucker Steve Scalise. A Galveston restaurant owner closed his business due to Islamophobic death threats. Anti-equality GOP shite candidate Karen Handel showed little concern for the LGBT daughter of a constituent.

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