CrabDiving – Fri 070717 – Trump Meets Putin & Alex Jones Chimera Ethics

Trump meets Putin and maybe it was Kismet. Who knows? John Podesta responded to the insanely ridic tweets of Shitler. RWNJ loon Sandy Rios claimed immigrants don’t know anything about hygiene. Hate-caster Alex Jones entertained the existence and ethics surrounding hybrid creatures. A Christo-freak suggested Czar Cheeto Teats received downloads from Sky-god. Minnesota liquor stores were finally granted to permission to sell booze on Sunday. The “Zion Curtain” laws surrounding the making of adult beverages in Utah were poo-poo’d. Arson at a Texas LGBT center was probably a hate crime. A Bible-reading-marathon in Iowa closed early due to apathy. Finally, on Faithless Friday, the Crabs laughed at the marvelously insane antics on the Jim Bakker powdered-soup-show.

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