CrabDiving – Mon 071017 – Trump Son Russian Meeting & Christie Radio Audition

The Trump son Russian meeting was the center of discussion on Today’s episode of the Crabs. Shitler’s Twitter action supported Russian collusion theories. A former ethics lawyer for Bush the Lesser shredded Trump Jr. for meeting with Kremlin folk. Top Twitler associates have all lied about dealings with Putin’s people. FOX-bot Steve Doocy blamed the “deep state” for the New York Times article about Don son’s involvement with Russian contacts. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie auditioned for a sports talk radio gig and it didn’t go well. RWNJ hatecaster Alex Jones bragged about his preparation for a supposed forthcoming race war. In other “news” from the InfoWars front, A.J. busted out a ridic theory involving gay men, male breast implants and pregnant women that identify as male.
Trump Son Russian Meeting

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