CrabDiving – Fri 072117 – Sean Spicer Resigns & Scaramucci All But Blows His New Boss

Sean Spicer resigns and the Crabs cover the whole shebang on Faithless Friday. Johnny-come-lately Trump sycophant Anthony Scaramucci was tapped as Spicey’s replacement. The legal eagles that serve Shitler explored ways in which Czar Cheeto Teats could pardon himself. Progressive firebrand Keith Olbermann blasted mainstream media for not standing up to the lying, treasonous Trump administration. Analysis of Trump-speak from a recent New York Times interview revealed possible mental decline of PEEOTUS. Talent-challenged pop icon Justin Bieber got banned from China. The Ark Encounter stupidly screwed themselves out of $18 million in tax breaks. Pat and Ryan reviewed the top post-Christian cities in which to live. Finally, Christo-twink Bryan Fischer busted out a stupid theory regarding life and the return of White Jesus.
sean spicer resigns

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