CrabDiving – Fri 081117 – Trump Sabre Rattling & Neo Nazis Fat Shame Their Own

The Crabs covered the ridic Trump sabre rattling regarding North Korea on Faithless Friday. Shitler reminded Kim Jong Un that he’ll regret it fast if the not so Great Leader opts to bomb Guam. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was sent off to fix the Middle East. An Indian diplomat compared Ivanka to a “half-wit Saudi prince.” Evil GOP loons in the Republic of Texas puked forth that women should carry rape insurance. NRA hag Dana Loesch promised to go after the New York Times. Speaking of the NRA, one of their gross, treasonous minions suggested North Korea bomb California. A bunch of hateful alt right dicks tasked with capturing refugees fleeing ISIS via sea experienced some boat trouble and and had to be rescued by the very NGO good guys they are stupidly fighting against. Christo-crook Jim Bakker admonished America for not properly identifying the AntiChrist. Simpleton Neo Nazis fat-shamed their own. We learned ex-Fox-bot Andrea Tantaros hired a male ghost writer to pen a book in her name regarding feminism but then didn’t pay the dude. An unfortunate poll proved that most Christians blame the poor for being poor. Idiot Senate candidate Roy Moore blabbed that gay marriage is killing Murica.
Trump second amendment comment

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