CrabDiving – Fri 100617 – GOP War on Women Continues & Church Breweries

The evil Trump administration took measures to restrict access to birth control, cuz the GOP totally hate women. Comedian Michael James Benson joined the Crabs in-studio on Faithless Friday and the trio discussed what might happen if Lord Cheeto Teats does not certify the Iran deal. Another tropical storm event set it sights on CrabDiving Studios. A dude in Arizona had a come-to-Jesus-moment and decided to hand his legally owned guns over to the authorities and NRA loads went bananas. A former church was converted into a brewery and religious types got their spiritual panties in a knot. A idiot Republican mayoral candidate said a bunch of racist crap during a debate. Soft-brained creationist Kirk Cameron released a movie about sky-god and family that no one will see. A Missouri appeals court revived a Satanic Temple lawsuit against waiting periods for abortions.want handmaids tale vote gop - crabdiving

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