CrabDiving – Mon 100917 – Human Impersonator Stephen Miller & Pence NFL Stunt

The gross human impersonator Stephen Miller was dissected on this episode of the Crabs. Our Vice President pulled a dumb NFL stunt that cost the tax payers of Murica lots of cash. GOP load Senator Bob Corker gave Shitler the business via Twitter. Disgraced Republican Rep. Michael Grimm announced his bid to reclaim his old seat. The RNC Chair struggled to explain how rape-y movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was a monster but yet PEEOTUS was not. FLOTUS reminded the country she is not jealous of Cheeto Teats’ ex, Ivana. Empty-headed Donald Trump Jr. went after Jimmy Kimmel and it didn’t go well. An ex-girlfriend of a Dolphins coach released a vid of her former man snorting lines of blow after he backed Trump’s anthem tantrum. Finally, KKK douche-bags in Florida circulated racist flyers meant to recruit fellow bigots to their deplorable cause.
human impersonator stephen millerPence NFL stunt

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