K Voice, A Voice of Resistance – Fri 100617

We are suffering under the tyranny of the minority because our democracy is rigged. The Supreme Court, with the seat stealing, extremist, Neil Gorsuch hears a case on gerrymandering. We discuss what has to change before our union is broken apart for good. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is awesome. Our christo-fascist, dominionist, conservative government voted to let other countries kill LGBTQ people. We actually have some really good news for Democrats! House Republicans on Thursday gave the stamp of approval to a sweeping budget resolution that has been dubbed the conference’s most conservative fiscal statement in 20 years. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions screwed over transgender people. We discuss how our Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke sucks and is kinda weird. Trump is (surprise surprise) racist, but don’t take our word for it! The family values GOP Congressman, Tim Murphy, is outed as a hypocrite and liar while all the other GOP Congressmen breathe a sigh of relief that they weren’t the ones caught this time. We talk gun statistics, gunsense and the like. Finally, could the Fair Representation Act bring us back to what the founders intended? All this and more on your Resistance podcast. #Resist
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